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» MORR Wheels | Introducing the MultiForged™ 3PC Concave Collection

In 2008, the R&D team at MORR looked into creating a multi-piece wheel program, but was not satisfied with what was being offered at the time. So, in true MORR fashion, the engineering and product development team set out to make a 2pc and 3pc line-up worthy of carrying the MORR name. Their had to be a better option to combine the flexibility of multi-piece wheels with the craftsmanship, engineering, attention to detail, and performance-minded pedigree that is MORR.

Enter the MORR MultiForged™ Collection.

MORR MultiForged™ is MORR’s answer to a far behind 3pc market that has remained stagnant in many aspects of wheel manufacturing technologies. The MORR MultiForged™ collection is as different as it can get when it comes to 3pc wheels. Assembly of a MultiForged™ wheel takes 3 hours per wheel, the back-pad is engineered with torque-assisted mounting and Anti-Water rain grooves for water retention prevention, to virtually eliminate any and all possible vibration issues that can occur. Furthermore, all MultiForged™ wheels receive a low curing anti-corrosion powdercoat on both the outside and inside barrels for additional corrosion resistance and cosmetic appearance. Lastly, through of the use of proprietary assembly components and techniques we are able to torque our assembly bolts close to 2.5 times more than the traditional multi-piece wheels, providing a structure that is much more resistant to load. Our fasteners are stronger, lighter, and much more resistant to corrosion when compared to the zinc fasteners most companies use. Titanium Fasteners are also available.

Additionally, MORR uses a proprietary silicone sealant that was co-developed with 3M to seal the inner and outer parts. This sealant is specifically designed for modular wheels making, and it is preferable for heat resistance, temperature changes, corrosion, humidity and more. Lastly, every wheel is assembled and torqued by hand for utmost care. Aside from all of these features, the MORR MultiForged™ collection includes standard features that are only offered as “optional” features by most. These standard features include but are not limited to:
  • Race-Prep Precision Machining
  • BackPad Precision Pocketing
  • Side-Spoke Precision Pocketing
  • Powdercoated Inner & Outer Barrels

All of this precise additional machining adds significant manufacturing cost, but dramatically reduces the weight of the wheel. We are able keep our weight targets to a minimum, while still maintain all of our strength and structural integrity criteria when subjected to FEA Analysis, DOT SAE-J2530 testing, and VIA/JWL Testing and registration.

MultiForged™ is a 3PC Concave product line, that unlike anyone else, uses FORGED 6061-T6 inners, outters AND centers – no extruded, cast, or rolled aluminum in 5000 series to be found anywhere. They are custom made to order, in any finish, offset, or width desired from 19” – 22”.

Right now, the MultiForged™ collection is available in two introductory styles: the MS8 (7-spoke mesh concave 3PC) and the MS10 (10-spoke radial concave 3PC). Our MultiForged™ collection represents the most elite 3PC product on the market, taking us 3-years to fully develop. Anybody can make a 3PC nowadays, but very few, if any, do it right. MORR does it right – on a completely new level.

MORR MultiForged™ MS8 (7-spoke Mesh 3pc Concave)
*Brushed & Cleared Centers w/ Polished Lip and Silver barrels

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