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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
I agree we need more jobs here in the US.

But the June employment numbers prove that Republican control of State and local governments is CAUSING the poor job numbers. The Republican dominated cuts in government jobs overshadowed otherwise OK private sector job growth.

Excluding jobs lost due to the EXACT spending cuts that you propose, we had a rather decent 54,000 job expansion in the private job sector. Unfortunately these job gains were eviscerated by 39,000 job losses in the public sector -- 100% due to the exact spending cuts you support.

"The numbers show that the conservative recovery continues, with the private sector adding jobs and the public sector cutting them. The services, mining, and leisure and hospitality sectors all added jobs. In all, the private sector added 54,000 jobs. But government has been shedding jobs consistently for the past year. It did so again in June, slashing 39,000 jobs. Government spending may be higher, but employment at the federal, state and local level is falling."

This is proof positive that what spending cuts are doing RIGHT NOW in the economy is undercutting our jobs recovery. Your plan for massive gov't cutbacks is in direct contradiction of your idea of increasing the number of tax payers.

It's like a wolf freeing himself from a trap by gnawing all four of his own legs off.
Funny, the states with the highest unemployment rates are traditional Democratic strongholds.

CA=11.7, FL=10.6, MI=10.3, NV=12.1, RI=10.9... Only South Carolina went for McCain in 2008, and had an unemployment rate of 10.0.
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