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I have a sedan, but the Bentley manual doesn't seem to differentiate between the 2 body styles, so my guess is that access would be very similar, or the same. You should be able to tell very quickly by looking for a relatively small underbody cover on the rear passenger side, about 24" square. Remove it, and look for the black (plastic) charcoal cansister about the size of a loaf of bread, the DMTL is one the same end where the lines (1 electrical) connect. The connector for the electrical cable is pretty easy to understand, the connectors on the other lines were a little less intuitive (for me anyway). I squeezed inward on the ribbed sections while pulling straight outward, they came off after some modest tugging. On my vehicle the largest one took the most pulling force to remove, and then the most pushing force to reinsert. I was careful to listen for all the lines to 'click' into place to be sure I got everything back together, and wasn't creating any leaks. My recommendation to you is to buy the Bentley manual, it's an indespensable reference tool.