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Originally Posted by dim View Post
Unlike in the US, there is no free maintenance in Canada. I was somewhat shocked that my dealer wanted CA$160 for new wipers for E90.

When the wipers are renewed, do the whole blades or just the inserts get replaced?

Can someone help me with the part numbers? (I was unable to find them on I hope to order some inserts or blades from the US.
I am not exactly sure which car you have. But here is the part number for an e90 April 2005 production N52 engine US car. Check it out. Look at number 1,2, and 3 for part number. It is probably cheaper to buy a set (#3) vs single (#1 and #2). Ask e90Fleet if those part numbers are still good. There is no insert, you buy the whole blade.

Call different dealer to see how much each dealer will charge you. Hope that helps.
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