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Originally Posted by J Tyler View Post
Ambient temp has a huge affect on lap time in stock street cars, especially big heavy turbo BMWs on runflats! After watching your video I think you can do 2:08 on a cool day and a tidy lap. A hot day vs cool day can be 2-3 seconds at that track in a 335i. (More like 1-2s in an S2000/Miata as they are much lighter and non-turbo).

Of course over all you are really really quick! And, there are always little things to talk about, but the biggest thing that stands out to me in the video is the corner entry technique for T1, T3, and the Sweeper. I think that if you blend your steering turn-in and your trail-braking (gradually easing off the brakes) together more, you will gain quite a bit of time in those 3 corners. So - rather than the relatively fast/abrupt/late steering turn-in, try turning in slower/less-abruptly; but sooner. Once you are getting close to the apex, then you add the heavy steering input. This whole concept relates directly to the 'traction circle' representation of a tire's grip ability.

You've seen my video from Buttonwillow.... Here is my friend Billy in a Merc C63. I think he illustrates the steering/braking idea I am talking about too. See what you think -
Thanks for the pointers, Jeff. Yes, I've seen your video multiple times, and I've seen Billy's videos (both the one in the C63 and in the FXMD NSX) too. I'll definitely try the trail-braking in those turns you mentioned, and I'll definitely go back in a cooler day.

My car wasn't 100% stock anymore. Well, it is bone stock in the power and suspension departments. But I was on square OEM 18x8.5 wheels with 255/35 Yokohama AD08s, and Carbotech XP12/XP10 racing brake pads.

Hope to see you on track some day.
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