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Getting narky because I was called a mug, I'm anything but. I'm also not the one throwing about personal insults. No I don't want leetennis's addess! If he has an issue with something I've posted then stick up a reply, there's no need to resort to personal insults.

Clearly I couldn't take the wheels off to check the brakes on the premises and as I've said the discs look like they need changing, that still remains the case and the lip is still there. The tyre has been turned around so its faces the correct directional travel and has more wear on the inside edge (which is now facing outside) consitant with rear drive which I'm sure you know. Still have the new one on the front. Think they only changed the one of them for the MOT as already stated.

Not sure why so much suspicion, I am a genuine customer and told it how it is. I think there was a lot of negaticity in my first posts because after reading all the stories on this thread I'd convinvced myself Big were a issue. Have no intention of continuing to post in this climate. Real nice 'community' you guys got here.