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Originally Posted by Tortfeasor 335xi View Post
Funny, the states with the highest unemployment rates are traditional Democratic strongholds.

CA=11.7, FL=10.6, MI=10.3, NV=12.1, RI=10.9... Only South Carolina went for McCain in 2008, and had an unemployment rate of 10.0.
Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
Texas also added half of the jobs gained under Obama. One state in itself made 50% of the reported new jobs.

You forgot to mention lowest unemployment rate is Republican controlled North Dakota. And there are budget surpluses in the state that has the highest ratio of Republican gov't officials in the entire US (Wyoming).

If you want to understand why, you first have to understand that the massive surge in oil prices that started in the mid 2000's has been "the largest wealth transfer in the history of mankind!" --Republican Congressman J. Sullivan

This has been a drain on the US economy like nothing we've ever seen, draining "$2 billion per day importing foreign oil" permanently from the US economy. This is causing job losses in the US, and taking cash out of our economy and funding Oil Sheiks buying exotic cars in record numbers.

What we are seeing with Republican states, like Texas, North Dakota, and Wyoming is the same thing. It is the SECOND largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world, behind the transfer of wealth to OPEC and other oil nations. All of these places are raking in tons of money because of record high oil prices. Who is paying these record high oil prices? Non-oil states like CA, FL, MI, NV, RI that happen to be strong blue states.

Texas, who is the top dog in the US (selling approx 1,000,000 barrels/day to the other states) is playing the same role the oil sheiks play, draining cash out of non-oil producing states. Just like OPEC and the oil sheiks are draining US wealth.

Every time someone in CA, FL, MI, NV, or RI goes to a gas station and fills their tank, they send money and jobs to OPEC and Texas. Urban populations consume oil, not cash in on it like many Rural states like Texas, North Dakota, and Wyoming. We are seeing the natural and predictable results of these massive transfers of wealth. It's going to continue as long as the US Oil Sheiks and their OPEC buddies have us bent over the barrel, fvcking us from behind. Don't expect any help from the GOP (Grand Oil Party), they've been bought and sold to be puppets, apologizing and bowing to their Oil Company masters at every chance.

I'm sure you will explain how the oil price spikes that started years before Obama started his term are all Obama's fault.... Just like you guys say that the 2007 recession is Obama's fault, even though it began before Obama was even nominated to run as the Democratic candidate.