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Originally Posted by Shangrila View Post
There's no point in me posting anymore as this is no longer about Big Motor World, more a case of being personally insulted and called a liar, something which is very offensive. I suppose Biggy is to blame for joining up and pretending to be a legitimate customer so the suspicion is partially understadable. Problem is, now any genuine customer like me who may have a positive comment won't be believed regardless, so what's the point in this thread? Its just become a farce and no longer informative. Enjoy your forum.
First off, you didn't come on here with a positive comment? You came on here alleging a car was being offered for sale in a dangerous condition with a fresh MOT. It doesn't matter where you were buying from, that's a serious matter.

You could'nt really have expected much reassurance of your choice of dealer being a good move, bearing in mind what you were claiming fitted with the general tone of most others experiences of Big?

It doesn't matter if you are buying new or second hand. There is an expectation goods are fit for purpose and a car with duff brakes and tyres is not. If you have negotiated money off or come to some arrangement for it being sorted then all well and good. Maybe you posted up a little too early?

In any case the comments were made in support of you and no different to what most others would make to a friend considering a car from this place. If you've found a good one then great, enjoy it and welcome to the forum.

Don't get too upset with members who express scepticism with this thread, Big have done themselves little favours on the integrity front on this forum
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