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Obama's had over 800 days to create a budget yet has not done so. He could have easily passed one last year but no, he didn't, he "pussied out." Also, Obama has spent more money in his 3 years than Bush did in all his 8. He also made the US lose the Space race against Russia when he decided to shut down NASA, now it's the russians that will be building space weapons, this angers me a lot more than the fact that we won't meet little green men. Obama also managed to pass a multi-trillion dollar health reform bill that will bankrupt the states and the government. He passed it when the majority of Americans opposed it and in the midst of a horrible recession. Unemployment continues to rise as does our debt. This is Obama's economy so the blame bush card won't work anymore. He's spent trillions to help the economy and has failed. Sorry, Obama will go down as being the worst president in US history, bye-bye Jimmy Carter.