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i order another 2 sets OF 24 led from Bavauto.

For those of you who decide to order from BAVAUTO... that 24 LED is actually 2 12 LED board. and it comes with only 1 37mm festoon connector.. which means.. you are still out of luck on getting the plate light running....

plate light needs 2 37mm festoon.

if you guys can hold on.. for a day or 2... my order should arrive tomorrow. and I can also try those 12 led out in interior center console.. since.. it comes with various adapter.. including 168 base.... so that 1 12 led can use in plate.. and 1 can use in the center console...

so if you get 2 sets of 24 leds.. hopefully it works out for both 2 PLATE LIGHT AND 2 INTERIOR CENTER CONSOLE......
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