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Originally Posted by firechicken99 View Post
I threw an intake vanos code last week and felt at 69K, my mods, and what ive heard about the solenoids it would be good practice to replace both. (especially since they are relatively inexpensive compared (210 total) compared to other things ive had to replace...

This work is EASY. It was even more convenient I was putting my Procede back in so the cowl had to come off anyways.

DEFINITELY good practice to replace one at a time, I did the bottom first, then top. Barely any oil dripped out.

NOTE: I have an 07 335i N54 and it was definitely NOT necessary to remove the snorkel. PLENTY of room to get the bolts/parts out with an 8mm long socket and a 3/8 wrench, and my hands are not small!
Just to catch up on this, I really think it is better to just remove them, clean them with electronics cleaner and shop air, then reinstall them in the opposite locations. I really can't see these parts being subject to wear to the point where they become defective; I think they just get dirty. I cleaned and swapped mine over 5,000 miles ago and have not had the codes reocurr. If it doesn't work, then go get the new parts and replace. The work is so easy it's worth trying the cleaning procedure first before spending the $210 for new parts. My car has 149K on it by the way. Just my 2 cents.