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Originally Posted by Shangrila View Post
There's no point in me posting anymore as this is no longer about Big Motor World, more a case of being personally insulted and called a liar, something which is very offensive. I suppose Biggy is to blame for joining up and pretending to be a legitimate customer so the suspicion is partially understadable. Problem is, now any genuine customer like me who may have a positive comment won't be believed regardless, so what's the point in this thread? Its just become a farce and no longer informative. Enjoy your forum.
Its not pointless at all. It informs and allows people to be wary when dealing with Big MW - if people are savvy and can spot faults and bargain their way past the alledged bullsh*t and get a good car for a good price - then fine. It appears that they may have their work cut out.

You seem to imply that the point of this thread is somehow to rescue the reputation of Big MW? Why might that be? My personal view is that it seems extremely unlikely that the culture at BigMW has changed, and indeed the faults on your car imply that is the case. Do you really think the bargaining you apparently had to do was acceptable?

It would be interesting to know how much you haggled off BigMW - if it was a decent amount that really covered the cost of brakes/discs - then that would be interesting to know. Of course it maybe hard to know to what extent that was fat in their margin anyway.

Buyer beware. That is all.
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