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Originally Posted by Imperator View Post
That stock radio issue is easy to resolve if you don't mind putting more money into it.

As for the rattle? Check the cover on the B-pillar, near the seat belt opening. Grip that cover and push it in while wiggling sideways and see if that resolves the rattle.
Thanks for the recommendation on the rattle... I'll try it out during lunch.

As for the sterero, I'd like to keep it stock/BMW if I can as its a lease... or at least something I can swap out easily if and when I return the car. Is it possible to upgrade to the Harmon at this point, or would I have to go aftermarket? I leased the car off the lot (black... which I wouldn't do again because of swirl marks and surface scratches) and the radio was the one thing I would have upgraded.

Anyone also test drive the S4? I never got a chance to and always wondered how it compared... thinking about taking a test drive at some point just to assure myself I made the right call.