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Originally Posted by Tortfeasor 335xi View Post
His policy, as it is stated on that page is to develop green energy. That's nice, but accomplishes nothing. Its like saying your policy is to develop cold fusion and limitless energy. It has no basis in reality.
I see you're using the Fox News tactic of planting a false premise, and then tearing-apart the premise-as-fact.

Obama has a comprehensive energy policy, which he's stated hundreds of times, and no, it's not just "develop green energy", nor does any of it have "no basis in reality" (which is an effette-douchebag way of merely saying "unrealistic", so that to other effette-douchebags, you appear knowledgeable). People who have no energy policy include Dubya - "just keep driving your SUVs or the terrorists have won", and Palin - "drill, baby, drill".

Originally Posted by Tortfeasor 335xi View Post
What is Obama's fault is his trying to let them expire and raise taxes during a recession. Obama keeps trying to run headlong over the higher taxes cliff because he's either ignorant of history or too pigheadedly dogmatic in his leftist views to accept it.
False Premise, The Sequel. Proof that many Americans are gullible, ignorant, and easily spooked. Resetting the marginal rate of the top 5% of wage-earners to pre-Bush levels is not in any way doing what you capital-gains whores are trying to scare everyone into believing. For those with a net income of $250,001, that $1 will have 4 cents more taken out. Admit it - you're trying to scam the American public for your self-interests.

Originally Posted by Tortfeasor 335xi View Post
And lets not pretend that its the Republicans fault that we are at an impasse on debt talks. Republicans and Democrats were well on their way to a deal before El Heffe Obama stepped in, requiring tax increases.
Agreed, let's not pretend it's the republican's fault - let's outright accept it's the republican's fault. Who the hell else could possibly be to blame? The administration has offered proposal after proposal, and they've all been shot down by the same political opportunists that have shutdown the govt in Minnesota and caused riots in Wisconsin. They won't accept removing tax loopholes for special-interests and big oil corporations, but every other time, that's exactly what they say they want to do.