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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
I see you're using the Fox News tactic of planting a false premise, and then tearing-apart the premise-as-fact.

Obama has a comprehensive energy policy, which he's stated hundreds of times, and no, it's not just "develop green energy", nor does any of it have "no basis in reality" (which is an effette-douchebag way of merely saying "unrealistic", so that to other effette-douchebags, you appear knowledgeable). People who have no energy policy include Dubya - "just keep driving your SUVs or the terrorists have won", and Palin - "drill, baby, drill".
I see you're using the (not going to single out a particular group) tactic of making negative generalized statements of the opposition to prop up your side and make Obama's "energy policy", of which you did not provide any details, seem adequate.

If he's stated it hundreds of times, it should be pretty easy to find. Please share it with us, in all of it's electric car glory. And be sure to include details of his recent affection (if you call simply mentioning it at all "affection") with natural gas now that it's time for him to get elected again.

On an unrelated note, I think hearing a 50+ year old (or was it 40+?) grown man use the word "douchebag" is a first for me.