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Desimone BMW (NJ)

Since Desimone has a lot of business and advertises here I thought you guys might benefit from my experience with Desimone BMW....

Summary: was completely sold on upgrading my 2005 G35 to a 2008 G37... untill they released the looks & engine specs. While I felt the interior was flawless I found the outside too soft and not agressive... the engine was nothing special but a good improvement over my g35. that being said I figured if i was going to pay MSRP for the G37 and I didnt care for it too much why not get a bmw 335i at a good price, this is where I begin...

I went to the local bmw dealer *cough* boardwalk/marty susman bmw and funny the salesman was the same guy who sold me my G35 2 1/2 years ago ! I'm sure he would have no doubt to my desire to own the 335i so its just a question of working out the details... i started by asking him what i could expect from the dealer for my g35... his response was " i lost a deal last week because they low balled the customer" I said what i can i expect ? " he said auction price minus $2k" so that translates to 25k - 2 = 23k when my car is in KBB at 27200 (for good condition). I knew i could get a much better deal at infiniti but was set against the G... so I proceeded to call some bmw dealers to see if they could locate a car for ... unfortunately they couldnt somehow i spoke with Desimone and my CA Bill Dunn returned my calls... even after i said i wouldnt buy if i had to wait 2 months for a car.

I thought about everything and said if im going to wait till sept for a g37... why not wait 6-8 weeks for a 335i... so I called Bill back and we talked shop... "Sir, I know i must pull down my pants to get your business" , " i talked with my sales mgr and he said we think we can do the deal pending a review of your trade, can you bring it soon" needless to say i packed the two monkeys in the car and headed up to desimone. Hey i know what your thinking but if they pee the bed, stick their hands in the mouth , throw food, and touch everything... They are monkeys ! anways I arrive at Desimone I tried to direct the kids away from the M3,M5,etc. and they checked my car out... sir you want 1k over invoice... yes NO PROBLEM... sir you want KBB (good condition) for your car... yes NO PROBLEM. This went too easy... way too easy. so I signed a partial buyer's order and we got in the car and started leaving the lot... (unknown to me at the time was how the allocation slots worked) Bill ran out with a paper in his hand and said... Here's your car, tracking number, have a nice night ! Wow I didnt even know about or ask for one of the dealer's allocation slots. Bill Stated 6-8 weeks for delivery... the car was ordered april 12th and was delivered on may 24th.

over the course of the build a few questions came up, unfortunately bill was slow to respond. To me his response time was not important i wanted the best deal and i feel he provided it. If i were to pay more for the car then i would be upset about the slow response. One interesting note: I noticed my KBB appraisal dropped 1.2k over the 6-8 weeks. I mentioned this to Bill and he said no worries we made the deal at 27k and we'll stick to it ! WOW ! there were no problems in production or shipping, however my car did sit at the plant around 5 days before heading to port . VPC completed very quickly ... boat arrived and left 5/18 and my car was at the dealer on 5/23.

My girfriend & I drove up to Desimone on 5/24 around 1030 and
we started the paperwork... Since i was switching insurance for somereason allstate wanted 30 pages received,signed and faxed back. Bill was paient with the process, i mean what else can you do *shrug*. about 1/2 way through we I noticed a usb extender cable and i mentioned this was not the correct cable for the IPOD option... luckly thanks to E90 post members i had some ammo... showed him some pictures and we went to parts dept... the parts dept did know about the x5 headphone problem... and had a printout of the IPOD cable... but said it was $50.00 and it was extra... Bill and the finance guy talked with the parts man and believed it to be billed against delivery and will be reimbused from BMWNA... problem resolved.

I was alittle aprehensive about the finance meeting since my experience with holman infiniti was all performed by the salesman 0 problems. we sat down and he was obligated to discuss the 8 or so extended warranty options, the only one i felt was doable was the ding repair for $400. I choose no extended warranty options. There was a paperwork problem on the interest rate and duration. Brian checked his paperwork and fixed all the numbers. no problems signed 2 dozen sheets and went to delivery

Bill offered as much time on the delivery as i would have wanted... however it was apparent that he didnt need to based upon my actions... (this is all on me nothing against him) certain things were not discussed , but I'll read the manual and problem solved. The car has a ton of features and configuration wont take 5 minutes like my infiniti.

Desimone and Bill provided a very VERY lean deal and honored their agreement w/o any wrangling. The car was avail as promised, there were no problems with the detail and everything went smoothly !

Desimone BMW NJ

If you have any questions please ask !

btw shop is twice as big as the photo... this was only 1/2 !


EDIT: added pics for all you freaks regarding the bathroom
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