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Originally Posted by bolinp78 View Post
If he's stated it hundreds of times, it should be pretty easy to find. Please share it with us

Why would ScotchAndCigar repost the link to Obama's energy policy, when the link is already in one of Tortfeasor 335xi's posts on the last page, and one of my posts on the page before?

What is worse, why doesn't someone like you, who claims to be an oil services executive big-wig, ALREADY know where to find Obama's energy policy? Oh that's right, you would rather bitch and moan cluelessly in the dark than actually READ Obama's energy policy.

For the linkie-clickie disabled, here is the overview:


Develop and Secure America’s Energy Supplies
 Expand Safe and Responsible Domestic Oil and Gas Development and
 Lead the World Towards Safer, Cleaner, and More Secure Energy Supplies

Provide Consumers with Choices to Reduce Costs and Save Energy
 Reduce Consumer Costs at the Pump with More Efficient Cars and Trucks
 Cut Energy Bills with More Efficient Homes and Buildings

Innovate Our Way to a Clean Energy Future
 Harness America’s Clean Energy Potential
 Win the future through Clean Energy Research and Development
 Lead by Example: The Federal Government and Clean Energy
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