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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Energy policy? More like a punitive, restrictive, totalitarian, unrealistic, anti-development, anti-independence, anti-business and anti-consumer policy.

But, given the recent changes and the further shift to come in congress, it's all just dream state stuff now. nobama's only way forward is to continue to try his craven backdoor approach using admin law and regulation to defeat the will of the people.

And coming soon to a congress near of selected activist agencies followed by a blizzard of investigations throughout any second term. How many years before his hair turns completely white I wonder?
Uh, you know it doesn't work if you make-up hate-spawned lies, when the actual policy is posted just above yours. Why do you think anyone cares about the stick you have up your ass about Obama, when we're trying to actually have a conversation about policy and facts?

Do you feel better making pointless posts, just as long as you can use the word "nobama"? The way you cling to that juvenile bumper-sticker pejorative, I'm starting to think that "old army" must refer to a collection of G.I. Joes.