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Originally Posted by bolinp78 View Post
In REALITY, he has very little interest in natural gas production. In REALITY, he wants to move from our current energy sources to entirely green energy as fast as possible without regard to economic consequences. In REALITY, he wants electric cars(lol), windmills(lol), and solar panels(lol) everywhere right now.
Again, no. This is just your "projecting" of ideological/political opposition. You need to stop this tactic of painting Obama as stupid, ignorant, and narrow-minded; which in-turn infers that we Obama supporters are the same.

Stick to the reality of what is actually happening, and stop with the "he thinks" and "he wants". I heard 2 years of this crap from the gun-rights people, about how Obama wants to take away everyone's guns; and meanwhile, he's pro-NRA and has never even drafted any gun legislation.