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Originally Posted by bpbenda View Post
Thanks, 1bad335, great response! I don't mind to tinker from time to time in jobs above my head so long as I have the time and patience to make sure that I do it right. Got too much going at the moment to even consider such. So, for a few hundred dollars I will pay someone else. Saving $2-300 is not worth the time right now for me. I will make some calls and shop it around. Thanks!
I looked into doing the job myself too. I have a full autoshop at home, lift, air tools, etc, so the accessibility to R and R the compressor was not an issue. But as 1bad335 mentioned AC parts are expensive. If you don't evacuate and refill the system properly you can blow the new compressor right off the bat. The problem with AC work at home is tools and refrigerant supplies. You can get a decent, relatively inexpensive, AC vacuum pump to evacuate the system and preload the refrigerant, but as a layman you can't get a big enough bottle of R-134 to properly refill the system without having to swap the bottle mid fill. With all these considerations I left it up to an experienced mechanic to do it.