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Oil Capacity for 2008 328i ARRGGHHH!

OK, I've read that the 2008 328i has an oil capacity of 6.9 quarts. I looked in the owners manual and found nothing - no capacities for oil - listed. If someone can find this capacity listed in the manual, please call me on it.
I found this: Link brings up a .pdf showing that the capacity is 6.9 quarts.

I'm calling BS. I just changed the oil and filter and put in ~6.0 quarts. What did the oil level read? FULL. And yes, that's driving the car several times since the oil change. That's almost a quart less than what is generally accepted as the correct quantity.
This was my third oil change and I wanted to see what it would take to get the fsking computer oil sensor to read something less than full. Well, 6 quarts doesn't do it.
Has anyone serviced their e90 and gotten the computer oil 'dipstick' to read less than full? And if so, how much oil did you put in?