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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
But in all seriousness Obama's spending of the equivalent of more than was spent on WW2 doesn't justify the fact that he.... Whatever he did. (stopped unemployment from hitting 20%?)
You keep throwing-out these Fox News talking points, but you're not making any sense, nor do you have any substance behind these words. What is Obama exactly spending money on, other than the normal govt budget? Years ago there was the stimulus, which worked incredibly well, since the US auto industry was saved, and is now healthy, saving millions of American jobs. This is why flip-flop Romney was booed when he went to Detroit. And much of the stimulus loans have been paid back with interest. You clearly don't know what you're saying.

Why don't I hear any complaints about Bush's incredible spending and growth of govt for starting 2 massive decade-long wars, the dept of homeland security, and sending everybody in america a check, twice, all of which wasn't paid for?

As has been repeatedly said, TARP was Bush. So what the hell are you talking about Obama's spending? And comparing today's budgets to a budget from 65 years ago is just stupid. I mean, the new Harry Potter movie grossed more on it's weekday opening than the total revenue of Gone With the Wind, so f-ing what?

Go look at the recession during Reagan's first term, and then tell me that this recession is any different. I don't know it for a fact, but you act exactly like a spoiled little rich kid, whose business-owning parents despise democrats, so you've been raised on the altar of the right-wing, no?

And by the way, ".... Whatever he did" has been spelled out in this thread about a dozen times, so you can drop the "people say he did something but I'll be damned if I can figure it out" act.

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