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Exclamation Oil Temperatures, Stock Oil Thermostat replacement?!?

The Short story:
Has anyone modified, or does anyone sell a modified oil thermostat for the N54 motor without buying a full blow oil upgrade kit/core combo?

The Long Story:

I’m trying to find a way to lower my oil temperatures during normal driving conditions. Through doing some research I’ve found out that the stock T-Stat fully opens at around 250°F and that temps of 230-260 are somewhat normal for the N54 motor… Now, at first I was looking at upgrading the oil cooler but that does nothing for me unless the kit upgrades the T-Stat as well.

So far the only one that I have seen that does this is the STETT oil upgrade kit. Now this looks like a good kit for someone who does track days but spending $1K to get the kit and all weekend installing it seems like overkill for the "average joe" drivers…

I guess my question is; does anyone sell some sort of a modified T-Stat for the N54 motor? From what I have gather the T-Stat is just a spring/piston combo that opens and closes past two perpendicular holes… is there a way to machine the piston so that t-stat remains slightly open under lower temps and is essentially completely open at a lower-higher temp? I live in Arizona so simply by looking at a car it brings the oil temps up to 250°F. Really curious if anyone has done a simple/cheap modification of this sort.
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