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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
final question on this topic before i pull the trigger. is it worth upgrading from a 1366x768 to 1920x1080 on a 15.6" laptop? there are so many searches but all with mixed thoughts. it is a $150 upgrade...

Everything will be smaller if you go higher resolution and you don't want to squint on a 15" monitor.

For games you want pure speed. Fastest CPU with highest Mhz and fastest VGA/GPU, but you dont need 3GB of ram on a video card. You will need that much RAM when you use large monitors over 24" with high resolution. And you dont have either one, so 1.5GB will be more then enough.
The extra 3MB L3 cache will make a noticeable difference in all applications.

The difference between 1333 ram and 1600 ram is about 2fps in most games.

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