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Originally Posted by cloakster View Post
- More space to open multiple windows, more space for pics on web pages (like in the 'You fap' thread :P)
- Movies/Pictures look better

- Laptop may not be able to handle running games at native res and running non-native res' doesn't look as good. (1366x768 will look better on a 1366x768 screen than a 1920x1080 one)
- This may be subjective, but I find that without making the text bigger, it's harder to read on a higher res screen.

The higher vs lower res debate is hard because a lot of it is subjected. For me I would take the higher res screen because for the small amount of gaming I do in comparison to everything else, the lower res screen is just not worth it.
Its not a hard debate at all, its very simple. If the screen size stays the same, then you go with lower resolution. If the size of the screen increases, then you go with higher resolution.
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