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Originally Posted by ceb View Post
Right. Warm oil and a long drain period will obviously get more oil out. Don't forget that overfilling is bad and can damage your cats.
I drove the car 20 miles to the military base's auto hobby shop prior to draining so the oil was definitely HOTTTT. I had the car up on a lift and let it drain for quite a while.
Prior to removing the drain plug, I take the oil fill cap off and remove the old filter to expedite draining.
I don't put the drain plug back in until the oil is only coming out at a drop or so per second.

I'll go with 5 quarts next time and see what I get. I'd just feel a WHOLE LOT better if I saw the oil down 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 of a quart on the electronic 'dipstick'.

... I'm aware that overfilling the oil's bad but I don't have cats. I don't even like cats so I don't mind if they're damaged. Or did you mean something else than the animal?