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Originally Posted by blaknite7 View Post
The Short story:
Has anyone modified, or does anyone sell a modified oil thermostat for the N54 motor without buying a full blow oil upgrade kit/core combo?

The Long Story:

I’m trying to find a way to lower my oil temperatures during normal driving conditions. Through doing some research I’ve found out that the stock T-Stat fully opens at around 250°F and that temps of 230-260 are somewhat normal for the N54 motor… Now, at first I was looking at upgrading the oil cooler but that does nothing for me unless the kit upgrades the T-Stat as well.

So far the only one that I have seen that does this is the STETT oil upgrade kit. Now this looks like a good kit for someone who does track days but spending $1K to get the kit and all weekend installing it seems like overkill for the "average joe" drivers…

I guess my question is; does anyone sell some sort of a modified T-Stat for the N54 motor? From what I have gather the T-Stat is just a spring/piston combo that opens and closes past two perpendicular holes… is there a way to machine the piston so that t-stat remains slightly open under lower temps and is essentially completely open at a lower-higher temp? I live in Arizona so simply by looking at a car it brings the oil temps up to 250°F. Really curious if anyone has done a simple/cheap modification of this sort.
What is the problem that you are facing? As you said the car is actually designed to run with the warmer temps. In case the OC is too small to keep the temps at the level designed and managed by the thermostat, the problem is the OC capacity.