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Originally Posted by purplewidow View Post
wow he did a nice review and some great comments ...esp stating how it sucks when people buy the knock off cause they didn't so the r and d like in pharmaceuticals when you buy brand name or generic....still if it is patented they have to buy the technology from the source so they make money on that also...i am a big fan of buying brand name for this reason of supporting the inventor...but damn i guarantee it didn't cost gruppe as much to make it as there price resembles!!!!!!!!!!!!! if it was 950 it would be tooooo much but would i buy one then....for sure
I guess due to the nature of things one would of course assume I am of the male gender, but to set things straight this is me:

Ok yes I agree with people that $1800 is a rediculous amount to spend on an intake. There are a lot of other things that could be bought for that much money that are just as desireable. However I think it is pretty low to rag on people that are willing to pay the price for a product.

I think the price reflects a bit of cockiness on the part of Gruppe M. It shows in a way that they don't believe someone else can mass produce a product that has the same combination of looks and performance for a significantly lower price. I would say I would go for it, make a one off carbon fiber intake of my own, but really that would take too much time, time I would rather pay $1800 to spend doing something else.

Anyway I'm about to start development on the Spearco intercooler upgrade. Which hopefully people will think is worth the price at which it is offered. At this rate it is a bit hard to convince the sales department that enough 335i owners might be willing to buy an intercooler upgrade for the estimated cost it will take to make.