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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
Not sure why you are having interface problems with the e-dipstick. When you change the oil and filter the refill capacity is 7 quarts. Drain, replace the filter, and refill with 7 quarts. That is the procedure from the manufacturer. Being a pilot, I'd figure you are all about procedure. Every pilot I know is.
Nice sarcasm. OK, let riddle me this one. Why is my e-dipstick reading full when I only added 6 quarts??
Here is how I changed my oil, step by step:
1) Drive 20 miles to the military base auto hobby shop, ensuring that the oil is sufficiently warmed up.
2) Pull the car onto the lift
3) Unscrew the oil fill cap to allow for faster draining.
4) Remove oil filter, also to allow for faster draining.
5) Raise car on lift.
6) Remove oil pan bolt and drain old oil. Allow oil to drain for ~10 minutes; appears to have emptied 'normal' amount of oil. Wait until the oil is very slowly dripping out of the oil pan.
7) Replace oil pan bolt with new crush washer.
8) Lower car on lift.
9) Install new oil filter.
10) Fill car with ~6.0 quarts of new oil.
11) Drive car out of auto hobby shop and let engine idle for several minutes until getting a reading on e-dipstick.
12) Turn off car, as e-dipstick reads full. Let car sit for a couple of minutes and then restart and drive to the base exchange. Check oil level again before shutting off engine ... still reads full.
13) After car has sat for 20 minutes, restart and drive home. Check oil on way home - STILL reading full.

So you can tell me that the capacity is 7 quarts until the end of time but then why is my e-dipstick reading full with 6 quarts?
Or perhaps it's something wrong with my oil change procedure; changing oil is an extremely complex job.