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Originally Posted by blaknite7 View Post
I want the oil temps to be lower why driving normally. My issue is that the oil temps hover around 250 and when I get on it the temps spike very quickly. With the JB4 the chip turns off at 270. So it only gives me 20 degrees of leeway before the chip turns off. If the oil temps started at 210 or so it would give me a little bit more time to have fun on the road. I don't do crazy track sessions but just little stints causes the temperature to exceed the JB4 operating temp.
The OEM thermostat opens at 230F, and is fully opened at 260F. A good way for you to have lower oil temps is to simply run a 30/70 coolant to water mixture. Then add in 2 full bottles of any watter wetter product you can find. You can keep your coolant at 30%, because you live in AZ, so no danger of freezing temps.