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hey guys.. i have remove all cat on my car, and i now use my oem muffler to keep enough backpressure.. i'm not doing any dyno yet. but i already do some dragrace with my friends 255hp manual toyota altis. his car 0.5s faster than my 325i.

my 325i is 2.5l euro spec-> k&n cone filter+bms powerbox+ Stock 17 inch rims with rft tyre

my friends toyota altis 1.8 turbocharged with lightweight rims + semi slick tyre

now i am still looking for some aftermarket exhaust, because my car sounds very weird..
Take a look at this exhaust if you are in Asia,
It is the best sounding exhaust for N52 engines.

The 325i is very heavy compared to the Toyota Altis, that is why it is faster by .5s. And with the aftermarket turbo, it will be faster. In North America the Altis is only 132 hp @ 6000 rpm; 128 lb.-ft. @ 4400 rpm. Not many people here would waste money to turbocharge it.