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Originally Posted by edvc520 View Post
They earn more over at Europe at the same time
You should come live in southern Italy. You would be lucky to find and "actual" job that will put you on the books and pay you 1,400 Euro a month. Don t try to convert the money to yours, trust me I make 3 times a month more than the average government employee (at my pay grade) and without all my benefits I couldn't live here.

Yes Americans/Canadians live a certain lifestyle that we are use to but damn I couldn't handle living in these substandard conditions, killing my self a work (southern Italians are very lazy), deal with a government that is "connected" and pockets soo much of the citizens money, laws are a joke, towns are dirty, and male drivers think they own the road and their way of thinking is the only right way. But its beautiful to visit this great country and then return to a civilized country. Oh and just incase your wondering, I have lived here for 12 years and my wife is Italian so yes I can say these things!!!