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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
Ok fine, Obama's PUSHING for higher taxes and more spending.
Again, you are factually wrong.

Obama is pushing for 3 Trillion in spending CUTS. Cuts are the opposite of "more spending".

The Republicans are only pushing for 2-2.5 Trillion in spending cuts. LESS spending cuts than President Obama. If you want spending cuts, why are you backing the guys who are pushing .5 to 1 Trillion LESS? You just sound silly saying Obama wants to increase spending, when he is pushing for .5 to 1 Trillion LESS spending than the guys you back.

And Obama isn't pushing for higher taxes as much as he's pushing for raising 1 Trillion in revenue by closing tax loopholes and cutting tax fraud. The Republicans are rejecting this, because they refuse to raise a single penny of revenue by closing tax loopholes.

Who was it that wanted to raise revenue by closing tax loopholes and cutting tax fraud? Oh yea, that was you:

Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
If you want tax revenue raised then do what even republicans want and that is to close loopholes and fraud that present themselves in the current tax code.

It is just hilarious that you bash Obama for actually trying to raise 1 Trillion in revenue EXACTLY the way you suggested yourself, but now that it is something that Obama is pushing, you are suddenly against it. You look pretty stupid. How can you continually and consistently be factually incorrect over and over in the same thread before you actually take the time to fact check your statements before posting?

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