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Yes Obama's pushing for higher taxes, increase them to 39.6% for anyone making $250,000 . (then it'll be close to 50% for these people because of other taxes they have to pay like state and local, etc) My thoughts on this stupid number of $250,000 is that this salary is nothing. Maybe in small towns that's a lot but in cities like NY, Chicago and LA that can barely get you by. Why were rich people considered those making over $1 million during clintons years? It doesn't make sense that it's less now. I think taxes should be at the most 30% for the highest earners in order to keep government size in check. As you can see since the beginning of this decade big government = bad economy and country. And you can cite polls of people thinking taxes should be raised all you want, nothing is stopping them from paying higher taxes yet they do not. Hypocrites.