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Originally Posted by hotrod2448 View Post
I understand that. I've been around long enough to assume like anything else there is probably a decent amount of snake oil out there and I was looking for specifics on what additives if any people are using and if they are happy with the results. I'm assuming the more reputable companies like Redline, AMSoil, etc... are good but, some of the others I've never heard of.
Oh I don't know about snake oil. The concept is simple and there are a variety of chemicals which will get you to the same end result. As a rep from powerservice once told me. Not all additives react to the same extent with all types of diesel fuel. I do know that you want to avoid catane boosters which use certain types of alcohols. I can't remember which other than ethanol being one. It's a shame we didn't adopt euro levels or cetane with the switch to ULSD. God only know the politics of that decision