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Originally Posted by liquid View Post
i just called a german auto place by me and they said to reporagm the battery would take 3 hours and cost 270 in addition to the price of the battery.
Good God. My indie did in about 10 mins flat, and charged $37. When I expressed a little surprise at the price, they said clearing other codes that a flat battery can cause can take a while - fair enough. But probably wasn't the case in how quickly they did mine.

I bought a Bosch Group 49 battery which is infamous for either going flat in 2 wks, or in one case that I read, exploding (from overcharging) without registering it as a new battery.

Beware of Bosch batteries, the first one I got at Pep boys had one cell's level below the plates, the second they gave me, the top was not sealed to the body correctly, and it leaked acid over my hands and the wiring when I was installing it. The third one is in and working, higher CCA does mean nice quick starts, but not worth the hassle.

And double check that the end plate fastener is installed correctly, I had it reversed, and while it all looked right, the battery could move side to side and up and down a bit (at the back.)

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