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Originally Posted by Turkeybaster115 View Post
BIG WASTE OF MONEY, for performance, or cooling. None of the professional racers have touched any component from that kit. HP autowerks used a 3L liter radiator, with stock oil cooler, pushing almost 500 Horse. The trick was with the distilled water + coolant additive mix. ER used their upgraded oil cooler, stock radiator + distilled water & Motul Mocool.

I don't know where your getting this PPK idea from. No one on this thread has used that stuff on the track.

on a lighter note: WOOHOOO! 1,000th post! I'm a major now!
What if we just get the secondary radiator for $400, would that be worth it compared to an aftermarket radiator for $1k? Of course, I'd be interested in HP Autowerk's radiator but it's not released yet. Also, which 335i (HP Autowerk vs. ER) had better overall cooling and better track times?