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Thanks for the write up with pics! This car is starting to piss me off! I just replaced my battery today since my old one wasn't holding a charge. Called the dealer to try schedule in a new one, the service guy asked if they wanted them to change it, so I said if I can change myself, then I'd do it. He said no problem, transferred me to parts. So I jump my car an go down, the parts guy asked how much amps the battery is, he says if you replace with the same amount as old battery YOU DON'T HAVE TO REPROGAM THE CAR. Only if you get a different amperage battery. Ok, no problem($280 for mine), took it out to the parking lot and changed it( was the hardest battery fricken change ever!). While reinstalling it, I couldn't figure out where that one damn wire went to, so look on here and looks like it's an accessory wire? Others have found the same, so I guess it's all good. Car started right up, had the massive warning lights on, but when driving away, they all went off and all is fine. Sorry for the long rant, just to summarize:

If you replace battery with same cranking amps then you DONT have to program!
Car is a bitch!
There is one extra cable that isn't connected to anything. I hope.