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Originally Posted by paintball pete
What feels nicer Sport Springs or Race Springs
If you mean smoother and not as harsh a ride, then Sport Springs would be the way to go. Not that Race Springs are necessarily a harsh ride. Generally, customers go with the Race Springs because they lower the car more.

Sport Springs do not lower the car as much and the spring rate is NOT as aggressive as the Race Springs.

Originally Posted by j28s
What are the spring rates of the sport springs compared to stock? i.e. are they 100 lbs stiffer or more, are the fronts stiffer than the rear, or are the front/rear the same rates? I'm guessing dropping over an inch will probably add about a half of degree of negative camber. In any case, stiffer springs and more negative camber will help the cornering a noticable difference.
Per H&R, generally there is an increase of 25-30% over stock. Also, the front springs will have a stiffer rate versus the rear ones. Hope this helps.