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Exclamation BMWNA volunteered to lemon buyback my CPO (not hpfp related)

I have a 2007 335i coupe and it's loud. Sounds like exhaust was modded, but it's not. Brought to the attention of SA on two separate trips while getting other things fixed, and was told it sounds normal. Decided to measure sound level after the latest rejection, and found out it's almost twice as loud (10db difference) as other 335i's, and even louder than M3s both inside and outside the car.

Brought to the attention of BMWNA on customer satisfaction survey, and got 3 calls. First was to tell me a case was opened and get details of my complaint. Second was to ask me what resolution I wanted. Third was to tell me BMWNA has decided to offer to buyback my car.

I think many of you had to ask multiple times or even hire attorneys to get BMWNA to do a buyback, so I'm suspicious of why they offered it so effortlessly. I did have to make 3 visits to get the injector replaced to rid SES lights, but that alone doesn't make my car qualify in California.

The customer relations rep also gave me the other option of sending an engineer to check out my car, but cannot do both, i.e. have the engineer check out the car, and based on what he says decide to lemon it or not. My thinking is if my car qualifies for lemon, I should be able to lemon it whenever I want. I didn't get much detail from the rep other than that the buyback price is set by a formula in the lemon law.

So what do you think is going on here? I love my 335i other than the fact that it's loud. If I lemon it, will likely replace it with another 335i, but basically wasted 9+% on the California use tax. I think I will tell them to send the engineer, and if I am not satisfied, push for the buyback.