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Originally Posted by jw95275 View Post
So what do you think is going on here? I love my 335i other than the fact that it's loud. If I lemon it, will likely replace it with another 335i, but basically wasted 9+% on the California use tax. I think I will tell them to send the engineer, and if I am not satisfied, push for the buyback.
I think you got it all figured out. In reality, thats how I think of it. If its going to be replaced by the same or similar car, with nearly identical satisfaction, its not worth the headache unless this can discern your car as defective when it comes time to sell. In your case, this will probably be the case if it doesn't become remedied.

If you would like to keep the car, work with BMW and the engineer. They are usually somewhat negotiable when it comes to finding a satisfactory solution.