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Originally Posted by Butch View Post
Really need some help on this one guys !!!

Garage can't get the diagnostics to read anything from the bluetooth, so they think the unit needs replacing, but cost to do this is just ridiculous... 556 !!!

There are a few second hand units on ebay for much cheaper, but need to know if I need to match the part number ???

The part number on my failed unit is 84 21 6-965406-01

There are a few on ebay that say suitable for E90 but the part numbers don't match - does anybody know if I have to get the exact same part number or will any BMW bluetooth unit work ?
I have the same problem as u. BMW will give me a new control unit at 420. Totally stupid money. There is no other way round it. My local indy bmw guy told me he has seen several control units go in e90s and there are 2 types. 1 is 250 and the other is 420.

So thats that then. What im looking at now is having an aftermarket blutooth fitted that will sync in with the cars controls and look invisible. Im not prepared to pay 420.

My guy said dont even think of buying one of ebay as it could go in the next week/month.

Sucks. there must be a cheaper work around.