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Originally Posted by Xcelrrate View Post
Hey, You're back.. Figured you have a life and are busy which is all good. My 6 year old LOVES to ride and cruise with me all the time, "Daddy daddy, are we taking the ///M3?" is what is heard every time we get ready to leave the house.

All right guys, Duhst; typemoon; rault18 you heard the man, lets arrange a time and get this done.

I would like to assume that we are noobs at this in the case of coding BMW's

I have all the necessary files, but not a windows comp, I'm on a MBP and haven't bothered with installing Windows on it (yet).

I am familiar with VagCom for the VDub side of things but have NEVER coded any BMWs, but am not afraid to attempt on my ride, as I am confident that us 4 or 6 guys with our heads together SHOULD be able to figure it out, I also have read through all the DIYs for coding from various sources.

So what have we here, are we gonna get together soon enough to Code some Vegas BIMMERS ??

lol lets get together one day all of use and see whats up im contacting my friend in cali that code's did for all my friends from vegas who are studing @ UC River side and what not, ha well pm me ill give you my contact info and what not