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Originally Posted by hankcah View Post
How do I make sure I don't leak brake fluid? Do I literally clamp the line? Will it poor out instantly or do you have to swap out within a minute or two? never done this before. Meineke wants to charge me $80 for labor. $60 for Akebono pads and $41 for censor. (just for the rear pads)

QUESTION: How do the rear censors work? Do you need s new censor everytime you get new pads in the rear? Does the "censor issue" seem right for that price? I feel confident in doing the pads myself except for I don't want the brake fluid to leak.

Thanks in advance.
Maybe you should try to do this with a person that have done it before as this is obviously your first time. No brake fluid is spilled in this operation as you dont disconnect the brake hose. Starting with the e90 3 series you MUST change the sensors every time you change the pads because the new sensors are "intelligent" in the sense that they give life of pad information. The previous post is confused on this because all the way until the e46 the brake sensors were just an on/off kind of thing and if you changed the pads before the end of their life you could probably reuse the sensor. That's no longer the case. Sensors are around $27.- at the BMW dealer, somewhat cheaper at Tischers.