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Cars you were dreaming to own when you were still playing G.I Joes?

Sitting around too hot to go outside and decided to start as thread. What were your dream cars from when you were kids and did you end up owning them or something similar? I'll start: (Let's keep it around 3-5)Please guys don't get into a pissing contest, nor post about parents ride or saying in the family etc.

Dream Cars: Reality
Red MK2 GTI : MK5 GTI Red
1st gen integra : Acura RSX-S
Eagle Talon 1st gen : Never got
Audi UR Quattro : Audi A4(pushing it, not really the same thing)
5.0 Mustang : Never got it

1st car:1990 Rust bucket plastic black bumper,manual windows,no a/c Corolla with 175K miles handed down from dad.
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An engine from a Z06 Corvette. A differential from a Vespa. Damn

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Its because a lot of BMW owners are housewives or business professionals and know little about cars other than BMW's are a status symbol in their own circles so that have to have one. But exotic car owners know cars, that's why they are willing to spend for a killer car and they know something different when they see one.

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