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Originally Posted by 01Byte View Post
I compared the current modules and chose the JBD. This was based on the following.

1. Easy to remove and re-install (like a trip to the dealer).
2. Adjustable settings.
3. Cost is very low.
4. Has a 14 day return policy if you aren't happy (which makes trying it a no-brainer).

I installed it on my 335d and at 90% the increase is incredible. It transformed the car into a true beast. I was so impressed that I just bought a second module to install on my wife's X5d.

Hope this helps.
Awesome thank you for the post. I think those are all huge benefits and it is easier to deal with a company if theyre domestic for sure. I think the JBD might be the winner here just on the cost alone. Despite not being able to remove the top speed limiter, but how often do you really go above 155mph in the states in a car. Prob not often. lol

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