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Thanks for all the advice. Any idea on what problems I could be having with my car?

Previously I thought it sounded like it had golf tee mod, but could not find evidence of it (both cable and valve pipe methods), and on top of that there is a clicking sound. I only found out about wastegate rattle yesterday on 335i from a front page thread, and sounds similar too. It kinda sounds like wastegate rattle with golf tee mod: a higher range clicking sound, combined with low range rumble.

At this point I'm leaning towards lemon replacement rather than buyback. What should I be asking for in this case? All taxes and fees for sure, though what about the mileage offset. Only 1500 miles to first shop visit, so not a large amount. Will probably lose $200-300 reselling the cosmetic mods that I recently got, if replacement not the same colour. I suppose could also lawyer up to make sure I don't get screwed.

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