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Much to the chagrin of my compatriots...

I am posting my original message below.

After long consideration I decided that I am going to get the BMW PPK for my car. I know that the solutions indicated in this thread say diluted coolant (still a good idea) and more oil cooling, but based on the costs of an aftermarket oil cooler and the potential impact to my warranty I thought I would try out the PPK as a FIRST course of action.

To answer the obvious question - WHY????????
  • I don't like to mod cars in the first place - OEM engineering means something to me
  • Additional water cooling should provide significant results based on the graphs indicating that water temps have such a great impact on reduced power events
  • All of the information I could find suggesting the PPK would not work was hearsay, and the evidence I found on the 1M forums (Especially from Dan Parker) made be believe this is a viable potential solution
  • What the heck - it even gives me a touch more power to boot.

I am off to Mid Ohio and Road America in Mid August. Since my install of the PPK should happen in early August I will post my results when I return from these events. I am an advanced DE instructor and have numerous days at Mid-Ohio (I can turn a 1:46 in the 335i stock on Hankook Ventus RS3s - Spec Miata turns about a 1:50)


Originally Posted by 968tomr View Post
So, I found that 90 degree heat makes for 16 minutes of fun (and no more).

I have followed this thread with a great deal of interest as I had every intention of selling my beloved Porsche 968 and Daily Driving and Fun Driving my 335i. This proposition only works for me if I can rely on my 3er to deliver the goods for more than 16 minutes at a time. In 75 degree heat I can get enough track time to run until I am out of gas, but in 90 degree heat, I can only get in 16 minutes.

So, I have seen the solutions offered here include:
  • Larger oil cooler
  • Remove the coolant or run a more diluted mixture

My questions though is this. Does the BMW Performance Power Kit solve the temperature issue? The kit contains all of the additional cooling hardware and software that is found on the z435is, 335is, and 1M. I would think (like to believe) that BMW would not let an M product out of the door that could not lap for days on end without any trouble at all.

Does anyone here have any data or information related to this kit (the Performance Power Kit) or these cars and there ability to handle track days in the heat?

It is an expensive proposition to install the PPK, but the value proposition for me is there if it will accomplish what the Stett cooler does, while maintaining my CPO warranty and coming with a 2 year warranty all its own.

Thanks for the feedback (and the flames - if I read anything about the PPK over at the N54 turbo engine forums it is always about how the PPK doesn't make the horsepower - and my focus is on removing more heat).