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Okay, so I can't post my BT scan pages because I saved them to my shop computer as a doc image file and E90 post doesn't accept that file format.

Anyway here's synopsis of what happened and what codes are involved.

There is a faut code 2E81"Electrical Cooling Pump:Speed Deviation" that has shown up several times as follows:

May 14, 2011 Scan: (I cleared these codes after the scan)
Note: The pump's max RPM is 250
138053 miles - speed deviation of 54 RPM
138153 miles - speed deviation of 45 RPM
143447 miles - speed deviation of 19 RPM

June 11, 2011 Scan: (I cleared these codes after the scan)
143452 miles - speed deviation of 56 RPM
143467 miles - speed deviation of 74 RPM
145927 miles - speed deviation of 51 RPM

July 23, 2011 Scan (This scan was to clear the codes before I replaced the pump)
145952 miles - speed deviation of 87 RPM
145987 miles - speed deviation of 59 RPM
149521 miles - water pump revolution of 0 RPM (the pump stopped car overheated)
- speed deviation of 250 RPM

A second code was present: 2E82 "Electrical Cooling Pump: Switch Off"
149521 miles - water pump temperature electronics 77 deg C (170 F)

So basically, if you get code 2E81, replace the pump soon.

I hope this information helps all of us understand the water pump better.