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The Z actually looks quite good stock, here how mine started and ended

At 6K they are a bargain and mine never visited the dealer in 4 1/2 years of ownership

Unfortunately they are not easy to tune and you can spend over 1K to gain as little as 10BHP....the supercharger kits are not straight forwards and your looking at around 4-5K to get a decent one can ofcourse go for the twin-turbo route, you looking at least 7K+ but for that your have a absolute monster of a machine....if I hadn't felt the need to get a more sensible / mature car my Z would have gone down the force induction route for sure.

The Z is very very tail happy, and TC was more than happy to let the tail slide quite a bit before kicking to save your butt. Around a track it can equal a E46 M3s laptime despite been down on power....but only with a decent driver at the wheel....I was always far too heavy footed, and always ran out of talent long before the car did

Not sure if its a better car than a E46 M3, never driven an E46 M3, but have to confess my E90 335i does beat the Z in just about every department (not tracked her yet though)....and thats before I've really started to mod her

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